Lesley Middleton

Facility Manager

I started here in 1993 as a health care assistant. Sometime later an opportunity arose for me to become the Activities Co-ordinator. At the time I thought that this was my dream job. As I took my role very seriously I felt I needed to learn more and enrolled for the Certificate in Diversoinal Therapy.

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Belinda Haskell

Clinical Care Manager

Belinda has been with Cairnfield House for about 5 years now, but has over 15 years of experience in the Aged Care Sector. She graduated from Northland Polytechnic and is a qualified Registered Nurse.

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Angelica Hoto

Facility Administrator

I started as a health care assistant then the manager at the time offered me the position as the receptionist as she felt I had the right personality.

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Amanda Houston (Mandy)

Registered Diversional Therapist

I started working at Cairnfield House as a Caregiver in 2015, I was then given the opportunity to move into an Activities role where I undertook study to become a Diversional Therapist.

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Riripeti Hendriksen

Activities Coordinator

Riripeti Hendriksen, also known as Liz, started working at Cairnfield House in 2013 as a Health Care Assistant. Prior to this job she worked in hospitality for many years and also worked in the community doing cares for people at home.

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