Hello and welcome to Cairnfield House.

Hi there my name is Lesley Middleton and this is the greeting you will hear when you give us a call.

I am the Facility Manager of Cairnfield House Rest Home/Hospital.

I started here in 1993 as a health care assistant. Sometime later an opportunity arose for me to become the Activities Co-ordinator. At the time I thought that this was my dream job. As I took my role very seriously I felt I needed to learn more and enrolled for the Certificate in Diversoinal Therapy.

Diversional Therapy focuses on a holistic approach when caring for a resident including their physical, intellectual / cognitive, cultural / spiritual, social / psychosocial and sexuality needs. From these needs individual goals are set and care plans are formulated for each person. I found this role to be a very humbling experience. The elderly are a wealth of knowledge and have much to teach anyone willing to listen.

Working and studying was a great way to learn and I was able to give my residents new and innovative activities and with their input we developed a great activities programme including yearly Balls and party celebrations.

I have always enjoyed working as part of a team and in 2004 another opportunity opened for me as the Assistant Manager. This role gave me the opportunity to work with families, residents, staff and other service providers. I was very keen to learn about the managerial and compliance side of the business and how to provide the best quality service we could to our consumers, so I completed a certificate in Management in 2009.

In 2013 another opportunity to better use my skills came along and I became the Facility Manager.

In 2014 along with the Clinical Manager we have successfully lead our team to become a 25 bed hospital as well as a 41 bed rest home.

This year in 2018 we have successfully completed another 21 bed hospital facility giving us 60 hospital beds 26 rest home beds equalling 86 beds home and hospital.

We are very family orientated here as my husband John also works in the maintenance department. This gives us a lot in common and an affinity for each other’s roles.

I have three children and 9 grand children, whom I enjoy being with whenever we get the chance.

Some of my hobbies include reading, dancing, fishing, craft, sewing, exercising and socialising over coffee.

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